Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More NYC

What does one do on a sunny August day in NYC? Go to the Statue of Liberty of course.

That was also the plan for thousands of other tourists, but thanks to our city passes we managed to skip our way to the front of the lines - VIP style.

After being packed onto our ferry we were taken to our first stop, the lovely lady herself.

Liberty isn't as tall as I'd expected but no less impressive - the perfect weather was a plus.

Fun fact of the day: the Statue of Liberty is actually coloured bronze, but the sea air turns it green - I think it suits her!

Much walking and photograph taking followed and once again we were packed onto our ferry for a short trip to Ellis Island.

The experience of being shepherded and crammed onto a ferry helped get us in the mood for Ellis Island - once the main point of entry for immigrants to the US.

You'd need a whole lot of time to really get anything out of Ellis Island and since we were running around we didn't get to see much at all.

Back in Manhattan we took a short walk uptown to Ground Zero.

Now a large construction site the city is looking to the future. But a memorial museum near by will make sure no one will forget the attack or the victims.

A timeline traces the events leading up to the morning of September 11, 2001 with remains of the towers on display.

The most moving part of the exhibit is the display of photos and mementos belonging to each person who was killed put together by the victims' families.

Since the loss of the Towers the Rockefeller Building has reopened its glitzy, art deco observation decks to the public and that's where we headed next.

Part of the Rockefeller Plaza (were 30 Rock is set), we arrived at the Top of the Rock just before dusk - and the place was insanely crowded.

There are three separate decks - each slightly higher than the last.

And, well, the views of the city speak for themselves....

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