Tuesday, August 31, 2010

NY. NY (with a little bit of Dave)

After two months of travelling we made it - New York City!

This leg of our journey began in DC with a four hour long bus ride north to the Big Apple.

It's hard to explain approaching NY from the distance as the city comes into view. The bus made its way through the complex NY streets to drop us at our stop by Penn Station around 4:30pm.

Without time to think we were on the Subway catching the E train to Times Square followed by the N train to Queens.

Our hotel was in a great location just across the river and 10 minutes from the centre of town. There was a great cafe below the train serving fresh food and magnificent cupcakes and with a server who called Nick "Boss".

Our first full day in the city was a little aimless. We were trying to find a place to buy a City Pass (entry to the main sights) but ended up walking around the insanely busy Broadway area.

It was here we were approached by a man with a clipboard.

"Would you like to come to a taping of the Late Show with David Letterman?"

Hell yes! I'd tried getting ticket online under my and Nick's name, but with no luck. Going to the show was one of my top must-dos for NY.

All we had to do was answer a show related question correctly. Our question - "What is the name of Dave's production company?" Answer given by me: Worldwide Pants!

We have a winner.

The man with the clipboard told us to head over to the Ed Sullivan Theatre between 2-3pm to pick up tickets. People who were phoned for tickets got to sit on the floor while the rest of us sat up in the balcony.

Filming began sometime after 4:30. The theatre it small so even though we were up top we were still close to the action. First up was a video staring stage manager Biff Henderson. Next, a comedian warmed up the crowd then it was time for the Late Show band to take the stage before Paul came on.

Finally Dave makes his entrance and has a quick chat with the crowd before disappearing again for the real start of the show - tonight's guests: Christina Applegate, Miss Universe, some band and some comedian.

The band keeps the auidence entertained during the breaks and despit what looks like organised chaos everything runs smoothly on stage.

After the show we walked passed the Hello Deli and Rupert was inside sitting at the counter - I'll have to go back at some point for a photo!

To finish the night we took a stroll around Times Square with its bright lights and family friendly chains - still an impressive sight, but too commercial for locals.

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