Friday, September 3, 2010

Boston: Gummy-Bears to go?

A rather long, non-stop bus north brought us to our second to last destination – Boston.

After circling the massive bus/train terminal a few times we were on way, bags and suitcases and all, to our hotel in the Theatre/Chinatown District.

The hotel was pretty lovely – there are no cheap digs in Boston, well none that we could find.

We found this pretty decent Italian place across the road – and dirt cheap. The reason it was so reasonably priced was there was no table service, instead you place you order at a giant counter – several stations for pizza, several for pasta and another for anti-pasta.

Plus drinks were cheap too! Yes!

Instead of mints after the meal there is a GIANT tub of gummy bears.

“Would you like some gummy bears to go?” asked my waitress.

“Why yes!” and I was presented with my very own pack of lollies.

Next door was a fabulous ice cream store where I had the best butter caramel pecan ice cream in a m’n’ms mini dipped cone ever.

A night time walk around the park later and it was time for bed.

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