Saturday, September 4, 2010

Shipping around Boston

On what turned out to be one of the hottest days in Boston this year we hopped aboard the city loop tour bus to take in as much as we could of the city in one day.

All the drivers on the loop seem to be Irish or Italian American men aged 55 plus and they love their city and they love to talk.

The waterfront section of Boston is airy, beautiful and green, but according to our drivers it was once dominated by a large overground motorway system.

It would take a lot longer than one day to take in all the history in the city. Revolutionary sites and battlefields are everywhere and easily reached by the loop bus.

The place of Paul Revere’s famous ride, the site where the American’s drove out the British, the outside of the Cheers bar, Little Italy and Chinatown – they’re all here. Markets aplenty you could find enough great food to fill a lifetime in Boston.

A short ride on a second loop bus and we were in Harvard University. We were there just before the start of semester so the place was packed with students, their families and visitors alike in the scorching sun.

With not enough time to really see anything in great detail and a sick-with-flu Nick we grabbed lunch at a gourmet burger joint B.Good - so tasty!

No time to waste we were back on the bus and off to the home of the Boston Red Socks, Fenway Park.

We got there at the end of a park open day – if only we’d know earlier – so headed straight to the park store.

Several purchases later, Nick left the proud owner of multiple Boston patches and t-shirts.

We decided to stick with our hotel area for dinner and had a pretty fantastic Chinese meal. The bartender was cool too and actually knew some stuff about New Zealand – which meant he accepted my drivers licence when I ordered some Japanese plum wine!

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