Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Me & Mr Obama (the assassin)

The moment you have all been waiting for...I think this would make a great dream featuring Me & President Obama - the Assassin.

The Scene: A non-descript Middle-Eastern bizaare.
The Mission: kill a top-level terrorist (hummas, al qada, you pick)

President Barak Obama is the world's best assassin and it is my job to be his fixer.
I got this role because I am a lady who when wearing a hajeeb looks like an Arab (well, in my dream at least).

Our base is a typical Middle-Eastern home. The family who live here, they have no idea about our mission.

The family goes out for the day as planned and our plan gets underway.

From his sports bag, the President pulls out a sniper and begins putting it together.

Sliding the last piece into place the door opens... someone has forgotten something....
I fling the half made gun under the sofa and nervously wait for them to leave.

Finally they are gone. The President sets up his weapon in the window and looks for his target in the market below.

Conveniantly, right below our room stands the terrorist....

The President takes aim, and it a split second our mission is a success...

One terrorist down...many more to go.

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