Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Credit cards and fall down Kat

Such a long time since the last post and things are looking a little different (hopefully a little better) around here.

Our credit cards are taking a hit with bookings coming out our ears and my knee is black and blue after a meeting with the concrete floor at Neighbourhood Bar.

Some big-picture changes have occurred in the past months. First, I am now working for Herald online which means no more late nights or weekends (unless I get the call up for evening work). Also, I am now the proud owner of an Offical UK visa. The process for getting one of these little beauties is long and tiresome. First you fill out what seems to be a 50 page form online, pay $300 and get you finger prints scanned - and this is where the fun begins.

There is no UK visa office in NZ so all enquirers go to Canberra - fun times. It's a nervous process that is made worse because you have to send you passport away. After weeks of waiting and no word, I emailed to see what the deal was. Another week later I find out they didn't receive my envelope so I quickly send them a second courier package. Then what should turn up five days later, my passport complete with Visa in the orginal envelope.


The count down until we leave NZ has really begun, and the reality of the move is starting to sink in... only 25 days and counting, so much to do, so little time.

Two weeks ago while recovering from a trip to the dentist I put together a lovely itinerary for our holiday complete with distances and driving times only to have it torn to shreds by one picky boyfriend.

On the plus side, he has now drawn up a pretty complete timetable and we now have the fun task of picking where we are going to sleep.

So far we've booked seven nights in LA at Quality Inn & Suites Anaheim at the Park. Not the fanciest place in the world, but it looks comfortable and the owners seem nice. And, now for the best bit, it's only a short walk to DISNEY LAND (more on that later)!

We're looking to stay somewhere pimp in Vegas, but with so many options it's proving very difficult to chose!

The details for our trip are coming along nicely so I should have a holiday plan ready to share any day now.

Until next time, keep on trucking.

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