Tuesday, June 29, 2010

California: Universal Studios

Movies, movies and more movies.

Movie themed rides, shows and exhibits - movie fan heaven.

I loved Disney, but this was just that much more enjoyable. The queues seem shorter, the crowded smaller and the food is much, much better.

To get to the park you walk through a huge open air mall of shops and resturants.

Universal Studios is fairly similar to Movie World in Surfer's Paradise, Australia only bigger.

First up was the live Waterworld stunt show. The actors in the production have all been involved in some big name tv shows and movies so I wonder how this stop fits into their career.

Rides wise the Simpsons virtual rollercoaster, the Jurassic Park water ride and the Mummmy - a Space Mountain-ish - roller-coaster are the best.

The highlight for me was the Studio Lot tour. Without giving too much away it takes you through active sets including a NYC street scene and the Desperate Housewives set and throws in a few unexpected thills along the way.

The NYC St set

A real Desperate Housewives house!

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