Sunday, June 27, 2010

California: Crazy old Hollywood

Our first full day in the city.

LA is coloured like a photograph from the 1970s and a grey mist hangs over the city until it is burnt off by the afternoon heat.

Our tour guide from LA City Tours said the smoke wasn’t smog – that’s black – but a cloud that comes in off the ocean.

Earlier today we made our way into the city, on the extreme LA freeway. We weren’t quite sure where we were heading, but when we saw the turning off for Hollywood Boulevard we knew we were in the right place.

Hollywood Blvd starts off looking pretty rundown and old when it suddenly turns into the street we’ve all seen on TV with the Kodak and the Chinese Theatre. The pavement covered with star plaques stretches on and on, with plenty of well known names along with those whose fame has faded.

The sun grew increasingly hot as the day went on. We parked below the Kodak and made our way through Hollywood and down to Sunset Blvd where we saw the CNN tower and a beautiful South American church.

Heading back to Hollywood we sampled Californian fruit at a Sunday farmers market – the strawberries were amazing.

Every few metres someone is trying to get you to take their tour, there are also plenty of people after a dollar.

We picked our tour because our first choice was booked out until 4:30 and they were the next best.

The mini-bus was open air – great for taking photos – and took us to Mulholland Drive to take in the view of the city and the Hollywood sign.

Then we followed the winding green hills through stunning, celebrity owned properties including Jimi Hendrix last home, Jim Morrison’s last US home and Britney Spears first home.

More celebrity house spotting in Beverly Hills and checking out the top spots in Rodeo Drive and Sunset.

Finally we had a very nom dinner at a little Mexican place next door – best burrito ever!

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