Wednesday, June 30, 2010

San Diego: Fishies in the water, fishies in the sea

Whales and dolphins and seals, oh my!

That's right, we spent today in San Diego at Seaworld - home to the world famous Shamu.

After my visit to what has to be the most kid friendly of all the theme parks I have to say whales are signifcantly more kick ass than dolphins.

A whale being totally kick ass.

Whales can be cute too.

The one creature you have to be careful about at Seaworld are small children. I managed to get sneezed on all over my back by a little ratbag. Okay he was only around 2-years-old, but his mother should teach him to cover his nose!

There's a shark encounter, a seal show, flamigos and Nick's favourite... the otter.
Nick's picture of a smart little critter.

The 90min drive to the park went quite quickly as we travelled along the Pacific Coast.

Palm Trees and beach front properties are every and the pace is much slower than LA.

Thought the tempurature was only in the early 20s the humidity was high and the air was heavy.

We also managed to experience LA rush hour traffic on the way home. Thank God for the car pull lane!

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