Friday, July 2, 2010

American culinary delights: Food, glorious food (and orange cheese)

That's right, in America the cheese is orange.

It can usually be found grated on top of hotfood, but sometimes graces a salad. And what does it taste like...nothing!

The "butter", and I use that term loosely, is white and doesn't tell you the ingrediants and coffee comes with little tubs of "Half & Half" (?) milk.

We've just visited the Food 4 Less supermarket where we stocked up on some essentials, including pop tarts, oreos, bottled water, sangria and my new favourite drink, Jarriots (pronounced Har-ri-tos) a manderine flavored soft drink.

One thing all you booze hags will be jealous about is just how cheap alcohol is! A bottle of Jagermister is only $18, a massive bottle of Absolute Vodka was on $22 and plenty of cheap, cheap beer everywhere.

Oh, and you can get a good healthy meal from Taco Bell for under $3.

Oh, and you can get coconut flavoured M'n'Ms!


  1. Awesome Kara! This is now my new reading material for my journeys to work each day! I wonder what tomorrow will bring...

    Andrew (signed in as jay)

  2. very very sneaky Andy! I wish I had an iphone!!

  3. Hi Kara, I'll explain half & half - it's half milk and half cream (like instead of using full cream like you would make whipped cream with). If you like coffee, I would suggest going to the dairy section of the grocery store and picking up some flavored CoffeeMate creamer. I recommend the vanilla or hazelnut ;) -Haven