Friday, July 23, 2010

Texas: Politics & Music in Austin

Even the music capital of the world has a quiet night, and Monday might not be the best day to visit Austin Tx if you're keen to get a little bit crazy.

Home to SXSW, Austin features live music every night of the week (not so exciting on Monday's) in bars along 6th street.

Like San Antonio, the city stretches for miles. Shops, offices, bars and museums are each in their own special section of town and because of this it never feels too busy in the city.

Our first stop was the Museum of Texas, fittingly located in the state's capital.

The centre features fantastic museum displays tied together with educational videos - all very well done if you ask me. It traces the history of Texas from First Nation to Spanish, English and Mexican settlement and through to independence and finally as part of the USA.

To get into the downtown area we have to cross through the State Capital - a beautiful building separating the museum district from the CBD

By now the heat and humidity was high as we strolled down Congress St towards the legendary 6th St - so many bars so many musicians,but I think they tend to come out at night.

We grabbed some great Mexican and pomegranate margaritas from a bar called something Diablo for lunch. One tradition I love in the US is bars/restaurants bring you complimentary tortilla chips and salsa - and they keep on refilling!

By now our t-shirts were soaked with sweat so before heading out to see the cities other famous night dwellers - the Congress Bridge Bats - we freshened up and headed back to the city for nightfall.

But... it was one big letdown!

The bats are supposed to fly, en masse, east of the bridge just after sunset, but thanks to rain earlier in the week they merely came out in drips and drabs.

Bloody bats.

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