Wednesday, July 7, 2010

California: Fun times in San Francisco

Ahhh San Francisco, you greeted us with blue skies and sunshine and a temperature that was just right.

We're staying at the El Camino Inn in Daly City, 10mins from the CBD on BART (a fancy name for San Fran trains).

We walk one block to the train and head in to the city which is full of people this 4th of July Sunday.

With a map in hand we walk through the never ending China Town where teenagers try to sell you fireworks.

Jumping on one of the historic cars (not the cable cars, those come later) we headed to Fisherman's Wharf, last stop for Alcatraz.

But there was no trip to the legendary prison for us... the tours were fully booked until THURSDAY! So we settled on a windy cruise around the harbour. (Tip: Make sure you book your Alcatraz tickets in advance!)

It was so foggy on the harbour we struggled to see the Golden Gate Bridge until we were right underneath.

Back to the city we hope on the 71 bus to Haight Ashbury former home to the hippies and now a trendy hangout similar to Brunswick Street in Melbourne with huge, expensive houses.

The ride was more than a little interesting when a pack of uni students came aboard singing songs and shouting across the bus. One guy seemed to have had too much fun too early, and despite his friends' best efforts managed to throw up on the bus before 5pm.

We then spent a couple of hours walking up and down the ridiculously steep streets. As some especially smart kids pointed out - who would want a house on a hill like this.

Thanks to the cool air washing in off the sea, the city was freezing by 7pm so we hopped a cable car to carry us up and over the hills and back to the BART station.

Love you San Fran - wish we could stay longer!

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