Monday, July 12, 2010

Vegas Baby (and Gatorade saved my life)

We have just left Vegas after four days on the Strip.

Hot, bright, cheesy and stylish - and not quiet how it is in the movies.

Being school holidays the place was crawling with families and small children, but there doesn't really seem to be a dominant demographic.

Our first port of call was Treasure Island (TI) right by the Mirage. The theme doesn't have to much to do with the interior, but comes with a pirate ship out the front. The room was amazing with view right up the Strip to the Bellagio fountain.

Our final two nights were spent in the slightly down-market, but family friendly, Circus Circus, again famous from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

What I originally thought was a sore throat seems to be a bit of a lung infection. The heat didn't help.

Speaking to a pharmacist at Walgreens she said any type of cold mixed with 100F plus heat will make you super dehydrated. Even though I was drinking bottles and bottles of water it wasn't doing anything and she said it was was time to bring in the big guns - Gatorade.

While I can't say I'd buy them if I wasn't sick they work instantly - supposedly it's the electrolytes.

Anyway, back to the city.

The heat never lets up and even after dark the temperature is still in the high 30cs.

Kids, parents and grandparents walk the streets until all hours and despite what you see in movies and on TV Vegas isn't as seedy as it seems.

Drinks aren't free, and while there are often specials to be had you have to tip for every drink.

Maybe if you're a high-roller you can get in on the free action, but for regular plebs like us it just isn't a reality.

Returning to our room late at night we didn't see any terribly drunk or comatose people nor were there any left roaming in the early hours of the morning.

The whole Strip is crazy with a half sized Eiffel Tower, a Roman Forum and a New York city skyline.

Other than the gambling, drinking and sightseeing, one thing to do while in Vegas is take in some shows.

You can get half price and discounted tickets from booths throughout the city. We got tickets to Peep Show at Planet Hollywood and Cirque du Soleil at TI.

I can't say which was best as they were both great examples of Las Vegas entertainment.

Until next time I'll be stocking up on the Gator and tossing back the Tussin (cough syrup).

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