Friday, July 16, 2010

Tax and money, money and tax

Tax is so much fun and in America it's just that little bit more fun when in sneaks up on you and messes up the perfectly organised fist-full of coins and notes you've just organised.

The American equivalent of GST sits around 9 per cent, but unlike NZ tax it is often added at the register rather than on the store price tag.

Seriously, WHY!

What is the point, and would it really be that hard to have the before AND including tax price on the tag?

Hidden tax is everywhere. Disneyland, Burger King - where their advertised 89c ice cream cone leaps up to just under $1 - LIES!

Americans' like to have physical money. Lots of coins and lots of notes. The paper money is fine, but when you're in a hurry the coins become a problem. Quarters are the biggest - makes sense so far- but then 5c are larger than dimes (10c) which are the same size as pennys (1c) only the 1c is copper... phew.

And people like to spend money they don't have.

Television and radio stations are littered with ads offering credit when no one else will, lawyers who'll write off your debit or file bankruptcy and ways to get off paying a traffic fine.

At least the gas is cheap.

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