Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Arizona: Grand Canyon

Yay, we made it to the Grand Canyon. We arrived in Flagstaff, Arizona on Sunday evening after driving from Vegas and stopping off at the Hoover Dam.

Everything changes from Nevada to Northern Arizona, the landscape is greener and the weather is not so insanely hot.

Flagstaff is a cool little university town that becomes a ski resort in the winter.

We didn't see much of it though as we spent Monday and Tuesday out on the Canyon's South Rim.

Pulling up to the park is similar to that other National Park, Yosemite. You pay $25 per car and get a ticket valid for seven days.

Once inside free shuttles run from before sunrise until after sunset running visitors to the far flung points of the park.

The Canyon is beyond words and it is easy to lose track just walking over tracks that take you remarkably close to the edge.

The park is Government run so it is void of chain shops and over the top prices. Nick shouted me lunch at a nice little lodge which was yum - especially for a restaurant in the middle of nowhere.

Despite the number of tourists you can still find a place to get away from the crowds making for some pretty sweet photos.

Many critters call the park home including coyotes, deer and squirrels. There are supposedly mountain lions, bears and snakes, but we managed to avoid them.

There are signs everywhere throughout the park saying "Don't Feed The Animals", but no one seems to listen when it comes to the squirrels.

These furry creatures around the visitors' centre have become quite brave. No sooner had we sat down for a snack then on little guy made best friends with Nick.

I'd love to hike down into the Canyon, but that will have to wait until next time and in the cooler months.

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