Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LA to San Francisco: Skittles are a good source of Vit C

Did you know that Skittles are a good source of vitamin C? Well, according to my packet of Tropical Skittles they are.

That was a random little detour for you in what was our longest day ever of driving.

On the road from 10am to 10:30pm with a few short stops in between we travelled the long way round from LA to San Francisco on the Pacific Highway 1.

But it was worth it. The scenery as you wind your way around the cliffs high above the foggy and churhing Pacific Ocean is stunning and worth the extra two or so hours it adds to your journey.

The road winds inland where the tempurature was high and the sky blue, but the closer to the sea you get the thick mists set in.

The lovely Nick deserves a giant "Ka Pai" for driving the whole way through tricky twists and turns.

Nick and his fancy pants camera.

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