Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Texas: San Antonio & the crickets

Texas baby - the Lone Star State where everything is big and bold and the cities stretch on for miles.

After a full day of driving we finally pulled into San Antonio, Texas around 6:30pm. On the hunt for some eats we wondered into the city area and eventually found ourselves at the Mexican Marketplace.

The open air market sells a range of products and foods from south of the boarder. We managed to get a table at one of the three busy restaurants serving up traditional, hearty Mexican food.

Walking back to our hotel/motel around 10:30pm we had to watch out for the hundreds and thousands of crickets that come out after dark and make their homes under the dim light over footpaths and driveways.

Day two we got up reasonably early and walked to the tram stop. San Antonio has three historic tramlines that make their way around the city's main attractions from 9-9 every day and a 24hour pass costs only $4.

First stop... the Alamo.

I can't say I knew much about this historic site before coming to San Antonio other than it was a devastating Texan defeat at the hands of the Mexicans.

Oh, and when Peewee visits in Peewee's Big Adventure he finds out there is no basement in the Alamo.

So here are a few things I learned at the Alamo museum: Texas used to be pronounced "Te-has". Texas was once part of Mexico. When Texas finally won its independence it lead to Mexico losing several other states including California and Arizona - stink.

Despite a population of just over 1 million, San Antonio feels like a small city thanks to the urban sprawl.

Escaping the heat in a huge air conditioned mall, we took a stroll around the Riverwalk - a winding waterway lined with bars and restaurants.

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