Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 1: Safe and sound in LA

Well, here we are, it's 8:13 on a Saturday night and we're exhausted. Nick is laying half asleep on the bed and we should head out for a bite to eat soon.

Aside from the 12hour flight it's been a long day.

We touched down at LAX just before 12pm, but it took a long time to taxi to the terminal.

The immigration process to get into the States is insane! Families and individuals go up - Nick got sent back when we went up because we don't qualify as family - and everyone over 13 years old has to have their finger prints and retina scanned.

Once on the other side a shuttle met up us to whisk the Hertz customers to their car lot around 5 mins from the airport.

The Hertz lot is like a massive mall car park where rows of people queue for either practical or over-the-top-American cars.

We've picked up a cute little VW - so sweet - but it also has more juice than Herbie: Fully Loaded.

The directions from the lovely man at Hertz were pretty good and we were soon making our way along the eight lane highway 405.

With heaps of help from me, Nick managed to get used to driving the wrong way and we managed to avoid any near misses.

We've sampled a small slice of American cuisine with a snack of single slice pizza and ice tea. Nick topped his piece of pie off with some hideous pink lemonade, which tasted more of pink than lemonade.

We now know where Disneyland is and can catch a tiny tiny glimpses of some of the rides over the road.

We're now in our room at the Quality Inn & Suites Anaheim. The bed is comfy, but hard enough to type nicely.

Now to wake Nick up and get him some din-dins. It looks like we're going next door to Denny's.

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